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26/12/2017 Iguazu waterfalls Brasil side

After yesterday’s full day trip to the Argentinian side of the waterfalls, we had slow and long morning. Managed to take a bus at 10:30am. The bus company is called Crucero Del Norte, the bus runs on a schedule from terminal omnibus in Puerto Iguazu and the ticket they sell at the till outside is to Cataratas for 80 pesos return journey. The bus is more comfortable than the Rio Uruguay bus to Argentinian side. They have set return journey times and you can see them while you are buying the ticket at their till. Those times are in Argentinian time! There is one hour time difference between Argentina and Brasil. 

When the bus stops at Argentinian border before the bridge joining Argentina and Brasil, you need to get off the bus and get an Argentinian exit stamp to your passport. As you go through the immigration, the yellow bus waits at the exit for all passengers to get back in. Then it continues to the other side of the bridge to Brasil border. Here the bus stops and the driver spoke s…

Sube public transport card in Buenos Aires

Sube card and use in subway and bus.

- 25 pesos to buy at the till at an entrance to the underground.
- ‎they charge it as you buy it. So we paid 100 pesos and got 75 pesos top-up.
- ‎there are yellow self service top-up kiosks and they are in Spanish only. But not difficult to understand and do the top-up using pesos bank notes.
- ‎the card is blue colour, credit card size, with magnetic stripe and with text SUBE.
- ‎one ride in metro (subway, underground) costs approx 7.50 pesos.
- ‎we also had to recharge (top-up) our Sube card in Retiro Omnibus terminal and there was only a blue machine taking bank notes and we didn't get how to use it. After watching few people with the same problem as us, we finally saw someone who knew how to use it. There is a small wide hole where you put your sube card in and leave it there. It is not tight, it is kind of freely inserted in, feels like broken. But that's correct. Then the machine recognises your card. All sube card readers are slo…

25/12/2017 Iguazu waterfalls

Getting up at 7:30am, preparing our food (bread, tuna, tomatoes) for the day trip to Iguazu falls (Argentinian side). Then breakfast in our hotel, bottle of water in Kiosco and buying of tickets at the bus terminal. 
The bus company is Rio Uruguay, they have their stand in the outer part of the terminal and the ticket has to be bought at the till. The return journey is 150 pesos. The buses  runs on a schedule, I don’t remember the times, but I think we took a bus at 9am. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the National Park Iguazú. It was still morning so the queues to get tickets weren’t that long. There is a sign saying that passport is required to buy the tickets. They only asked us where are we from and didn’t want to see our passport. The ticket is 500 pesos per person. Note! You can pay only in cash and in pesos. There is a cash machine at the entrance, but there were long queues. 

After passing through the entrance, we decided to get a little touristic train from the central stat…

24/12/2017 Christmas Eve in Puerto Iguazu

Getting up early, at 5am to get to the Jorge Newbury Airport. Taxi was 150 pesos and domestic flight is checked in fairly quickly and no queues on security. Bought two coffees for 160 pesos in total and had some simple breakfast we prepared yesterday. We flew with LATAM. You can download an app to watch movies on the plane through WiFi for free. But the flight was quite short. We got water on board.
After landing, my checked-in rucksack was very dirty from some liquid soap or shower gel or something which broke in someone else’s luggage. Luckily I use Doldy rucksack cargo bag, so I could clean it very simply. 
We waited to get bus tickets to Puerto Iguazu from the Airport. Some Argentinian people skipped us in the queue and a German traveller told them off. Thanks for that! Last two tickets for that bus. 120 pesos per person. As we were buying the tickets, they asked at what hotel we want to drop off. Minibuses stands in front of the exit, fits around 15 people in. Our hotel El Duende w…

Washing laundry in Buenos Aires Argentina

- I don't know where to find self service launderette to wash my clothes in Buenos Aires
- ‎google maps showed us Lavado Autoservicio and we found in Google search some forum where people asked about a service of this kind and based on the area description we though that will be the one (the guy from the forum didn't remember the exact address) where we can wash by ourselves. But this was a normal lavanderia at the end, serviced. No ironing, which we didn't want anyway. But. With our Spanish, it was rather complicated to understand and describe what we want. The normal service is 80 pesos for cold wash (lavado) + tumble dry. We have many things we don't want to tumble dry, so we had to separate our laundry to two batches. Just wash without dry costs 50 pesos.
- ‎we picked our clothes up in the evening of the same day without any problems.

23/12/2017 Teatro Colon

I’m not feeling well since morning. Maybe too much walking on the direct sun yesterday. Sleeping in the bed until the afternoon. Denisa did buy some food in a meantime and went to MALBA.
Then in the afternoon, we packed our rucksacks and got them ready for tomorrow’s flight to Puerto Iguazu. 
In the evening we took a tube to Teatro Colon. We bought tickets for The Nutcracker ballet in October and it vas only 400 pesos per person. With the online printed reservation, I have to wait inside of the theatre to get the real tickets to the show. Everything is going well, got the tickets and there is written what door (street name and number) to use to get in to the theatre.  
Our seats are on the last floor, and the view down on to the scene is not good. But the theatre Colon is amazing inside. It would be better to pay more for the tickets and buy them earlier and be on the third floor to get better views. The ballet was excellent and enjoyable. Great acoustic. 

After the show (10pm), we walked…

22/12/2017 The Laundy day

We found some lavandería on google maps, based on some posts in forums. It seemed like one where you can wash your clothes by yourself. As we have things we cannot dry using tumble drier on high temperature, we prefer to do it ourselves. It was 25 minutes walk and it wasn’t self service at the end. We split the laundry to things they can dry (80 pesos wash+dry) and things they cannot (50 pesos wash only). Pickup in the evening at 7pm.
Then we went to rose garden El Rosedal De Palermo, spent some time there. On the way up there we stopped for an amazing ice cream in Helados Jauja on Lafinur.. 

Towards the evening we picked up our laundry and then we went to a nice book shop in the centre (Al Ateneo Grand Splendid). On the way back to our place, we stopped at Wyatt cafe bar on Av. Cerviño (2 beers and small chicken sticks for 200 pesos) and then Club de la Milanese (2 beers + papas Criminales: 345 pesos).