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30/1/2018 Failed excursions to Vulcan Villarica due a bad weather

Day 45 We had every ready from the evening, so even we had to get up at 5:30am, it went well and at 6:10am we were already in Pucon Aventura office waiting for instructions.  For the volcano, we only needed to bring comfortable sports clothes, food and water.  Notes: Got there, came back, bus ticket check if we can change, coffee, hostel check if we can change, added one more night, went to change bus, waited for agency to open, full for the next day, cannot return money yet, another agency (Florencia), another agency Trancura holding places, still no money back, another agency Politur booked with deposit 70000 (price 100k pp including los pozones thermas), gift for Annie, kuchen through hostel owner, strawberries 1k per kg, smoothie with milk, went for money, paid the difference, dinner with Annie, La Manga. 

29/1/2018 Pucon lazy day

44th Day We decided to not do much as we are going to the volcano tomorrow. Got not a cheapest breakfast in La something and then walked to the beach. Met few nice blocks of flats looking as expensive properties and then finally ended up on a beach.  The Villarrica lake has two beaches in Pucon. The main one is parallel with O’Higgins street. It’s black “sand” beach. The sand is quite gross and gets hot under the direct sun. The beach is not so busy, few people sunbathing close to the lake and mainly kinds in the water. We tried our feet and the lake was cold.  It was lazy day, walked through the town, went to nice and big supermarket Lider and then cooked pasta for dinner in the evening. We also had to go to try on shoes and then prepared breakfast and lunch for tomorrow’s excursion to the volcano. Back in Prague, we bought shoes which are compatible with crampons, so we preferred to use our shoes than theirs. 

28/1/2018 hitchhiking from Puerto Varas to Pucon

Day 43 Quite slow morning, backpacks ready and we have to walk to the other side of the town to try to hitchhike to Pucon. We got on Avenida Gramado (which is joining Ruta 5 to north) and just right behind the railway we started hitchhiking. It wasn’t even 5 minutes and around 11:30am someone in very nice truck Ford F-something stopped.  Pelipe is really nice and welcoming businessman who established his company about 25 year ago. He started with his wife from scratch and now they have around 100 employees and successful business in salmon industry. He speaks English and he is going to Pucon! I think we got really lucky. Pelipe dropped us at a hostal he got recommended by his friend on the way to Pucon and I asked him for his number to buy him beer in the evening because he saved us a lot of hassle getting to Pucon.  The recommended hostal was unfortunately full so we started going one by one, trying to find a room with private bathroom for reasonable price. I had some hos