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Getting a taxi (cab) in Buenos Aires using smartphone app

While in Buenos Aires, without knowledge of Spanish language, this mobile app can come handy. I found it when I was browsing app store and searching apps built around Buenos Aires. What made me feel like this taxi cab application can be a good option, is the fact, that it is sponsored by the Argentinian government. They have few more apps available for iPhone as well as for Android. So I felt much safer using this and not knowing Spanish. The smartphone app is easy to download and you need to fill in few details about yourself after first launch of the app. Then you are ready to get your first taxi. This app also helps you to see the estimated prices before ordering a cab. The interface is very simple even without knowing Spanish and you can order Buenos Aires taxi in few simple steps.  The prices you see are in pesos and you can access/reject the driver if you don't like him for whatever reason. Paying is in cash to the driver in pesos at the end of your journey. The taxi

How to get local Argentinian mobile phone number in Argentina

How to get local Argentinian mobile phone number in Argentina To start with. Make sure your phone runs frequency used in Argentina. I think every phone made in last 5 years can be used worldwide so will be fine. Maybe the maxinum data speeds will vary. I can confirm that my Motorola Moto E gets fast mobile internet and my second phone Motorola Moro G catches only Edge here. Even the specifications looks almost the same.  Someone asked me: why do you need local numbet? Well. I probably don't really need it. But if I want to post to Instagram or check my email, or get a taxi in Buenos Aires using BA Taxi app or even find something in Google maps, I need internet. WiFi is not always available, and roaming to Argentina is really expensive. Plus I noticed that some of the mobile operators here are offering WhatsApp even when you run out of standard data allowance.  For some reason I decided to go with mobile network provider Claro. Probably because I did see some billboards

Sube public transport card in Buenos Aires

Sube card and use in subway and bus. - 25 pesos to buy at the till at an entrance to the underground. - ‎they charge it as you buy it. So we paid 100 pesos and got 75 pesos top-up. - ‎there are yellow self service top-up kiosks and they are in Spanish only. But not difficult to understand and do the top-up using pesos bank notes. - ‎the card is blue colour, credit card size, with magnetic stripe and with text SUBE. - ‎one ride in metro (subway, underground) costs approx 7.50 pesos. - ‎we also had to recharge (top-up) our Sube card in Retiro Omnibus terminal and there was only a blue machine taking bank notes and we didn't get how to use it. After watching few people with the same problem as us, we finally saw someone who knew how to use it. There is a small wide hole where you put your sube card in and leave it there. It is not tight, it is kind of freely inserted in, feels like broken. But that's correct. Then the machine recognises your card. All sube card readers are sl

Washing laundry in Buenos Aires Argentina

- I don't know where to find self service launderette to wash my clothes in Buenos Aires - ‎google maps showed us Lavado Autoservicio and we found in Google search some forum where people asked about a service of this kind and based on the area description we though that will be the one (the guy from the forum didn't remember the exact address) where we can wash by ourselves. But this was a normal lavanderia at the end, serviced. No ironing, which we didn't want anyway. But. With our Spanish, it was rather complicated to understand and describe what we want. The normal service is 80 pesos for cold wash (lavado) + tumble dry. We have many things we don't want to tumble dry, so we had to separate our laundry to two batches. Just wash without dry costs 50 pesos. - ‎we picked our clothes up in the evening of the same day without any problems.