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What did we buy for the South America travel trip

It was all new for us We spent ages trying to find out what equipment we need to buy for the South America travel trip. Since we haven't done any backpacking before, neither proper hiking, we didn't have anything at all. I think I can divide the stuff we got to few sections: Equipment Things like backpack (rucksack), sleeping bag, tent, sleeping mat, stove, etc. I think we started with the rucksack. Based on various blogs and reviews, we went to try one of them on. Osprey. Well known brand, apparently excellent quality stuff. I didn't find them comfortable around my neck area, but my wife chose one. I then went to see Deuter and Lowe Alpine and decided for the latter.  Rucksack size. Some of my friends recommend 80 litres, some of the others 60 litres. Internet and blog posts said less is better. But for how experienced travellers? I have almost none experience to start with. So we both went for 65 litres extensible to 75 litres. Osprey Ariel 65 for her and Lowe Alpi

Trip to South America - how did we come to this first timer's travel adventure

Travelling to South America (Argentina, Patagonia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru) Before I start diving into details, you can check our profile to see if this even brings you anything new or interesting, as each of us is different and with different experiences. Read About us... We got married... We got married and then my wife Denisa moved back to Czechia (2 months after our wedding). She moved for work and family as she was not happy in London for longer time already. I didn't want. My home was London and I could call it home. Even all of my family is based in The Czech Republic, I choose London as my place to live and I stayed there for long time enough to make it natural to me. And I got naturalised at the end anyway :) But I couldn't stay long. We should always try to follow what we need and believe into and it was logical to follow my loved wife and terminate all I have in London and go. Not an easy decision and even more difficult step to do. Harder than I imagined. Frie