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9/1/2018 Bus from Puerto Natales to El Calafate

We got up early, “cooked” porridge for breakfast and went to the bus terminal to catch our bus at 7:30 (Cootra Ltda, 17000 Chilean pesos per person, tickets bought at the bus terminal one day in advance). Our seats were downstairs. The way to the border is quite short and soon we got off the bus to get an exit stamp from Chilean border. Straight after leaving the migrations office, our driver gave us a customs declaration form for Argentina (the same one as you get on a plane to Argentina). We filled the form in during the way to the Argentinian border and there we got an enter stamp into our passport. Then we waited about 1.5 hours. Someone lost their passport or had an issue with their passport and we were waiting (the whole bus) to get it resolved. After the 90 minutes (around 11am) we finally left (without that person).  At 3pm we reached El Calafate and asked for a map of the town and then walked from the bus terminal to the centre to book Perito Moreno Glaciar trip. We

8/1/2018 leaving Torres and back in Puerto Natales

The rain didn’t stop. And the rain didn’t stop until 2pm. We didn’t sleep, as Denisa discovered some sort of claustrophobic issue inside of the tent and woke up freaked out almost immediately after she felt asleep. Getting out and in to the tent while it was raining at night made our tent and thing more wet. Towards the morning, high condensation of humidity in our tent started making our sleeping bags wet too. One the rain slowed down, we got up and tried to cook porridge. The water from the camp was dirty (apparently drinkable), but the boiling didn’t make it less dirty and anyway, it just started raining more heavy again.  Fed up, throwing the cooking gear next to the tent and going to the central building to cover and have breakfast there. Two coffees and two muffins 8000 pesos quite expensive, but doesn’t matter. We waited here until 12:30 and then went back to pack our tent and things. My jacket was dry again and we successfully packed everything during light rain and wait

7/1/2018 From Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine

Getting up at 6am, packing last bits and having breakfast in our hostal. The bus leaves at 7:20am from the bus terminal. For us it’s easy to get to, as we are staying in hostal Alcazar near the bus station.   Yesterday we bought two tickets with company Buses Gómez, departure at 7:20am from Puerto Natales and price 15000 pesos open return ticket for one person.  The bus left on time and we got A4 form to fill in with our details. It is a declaration form for the national park Torres del Paine. At 8:10am we get on slightly worst roar surface and continue to the park. At 8:45 a dirt road came along. And we could enjoy views of the Torres towers. In about 45 minutes we got to the park entrance, waited queue to get tickets and at 9:45 we were done.  Then we continued to Pudeto stop. The most of the people got off the first stop - Laguna Amarga. We got off the bus at Pudeto at 10:30 and at 11am we started to walk to Mirador Cuernos viewpoint. Very nice sunny weather all the w

6/1/2018 Puerto Natales

Lazy day. Woke up a bit late and went downstairs to try the breakfast provided by our hostal. Very simple one. Each seat has one plate with 3 toast bread slices and each table has two slices of salami (or ham) per two people. Not impressed,  but it’s enough to eat something.  After the breakfast we went to the bay for a long walk and then to the tourist information centre where we asked for a map of Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine. Also we asked about bus tickets to Torres and we were told it’s better to get them a day before we want to go to Torres. So we walked to the bust station on the other side of the town centre and bought two bus tickets to Torres del Paine. Company we chose: Buses Gomez, one return ticket 15000 pesos (bought two) and we could pay using a payment card. Departure from the bus station at 7:20 am and open return.  After that we could just relax and buy last bits we wanted. But since we were hungry, we stopped for lunch in Mesita Grande pizzería

5/1/2018 Bus from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales

After yesterday dinner and wine, I’m a bit down and observing small neck pain. We woke up late and had breakfast around 9:30am. Then we packed our rucksacks and Denisa prepared food for the way to Puerto Natales. I asked the hostel owner if I can print our bus tickets (bought online couple of days ago on website. The tickets we bought are Bus-Sur company and each ticket costed 8000 Chilean pesos. The bus leaves at 12:30 noon and it should arrive at 15:45 to Puerto Natales.  Before noon, we left the hostel to the Bus-Sur bus station which is on Av Christobal Colon, very close to Hernando de Magallanes. We got our bags labelled and sat on the bus. Most of the people didn’t have their tickets printed like we had. They had a receipt from the bus station till. I don’t know if they bought directly here or got the receipt here back of an online payment.  Now I’m on the bus. It’s cold here and I need to take some painkiller to get rid of my headache. Note that they check