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What did we buy for the South America travel trip

It was all new for us

We spent ages trying to find out what equipment we need to buy for the South America travel trip. Since we haven't done any backpacking before, neither proper hiking, we didn't have anything at all. I think I can divide the stuff we got to few sections:


Things like backpack (rucksack), sleeping bag, tent, sleeping mat, stove, etc. I think we started with the rucksack. Based on various blogs and reviews, we went to try one of them on. Osprey. Well known brand, apparently excellent quality stuff. I didn't find them comfortable around my neck area, but my wife chose one. I then went to see Deuter and Lowe Alpine and decided for the latter. 

Rucksack size. Some of my friends recommend 80 litres, some of the others 60 litres. Internet and blog posts said less is better. But for how experienced travellers? I have almost none experience to start with. So we both went for 65 litres extensible to 75 litres. Osprey Ariel 65 for her and Lowe Alpine Manaslu 65 for him. 

From that point, I knew the size I have to fit in. And I started focusing on foldable and light items. Did extensible research on sleeping mats (will share later) and sleeping bags and almost everything which will go inside of the rucksack. Very handy website to help me was, because they display weight of each item they sell. 

The list below contains every small thing we packed. And I'll share a link to Google spreadsheet with weight and price of each item. I did spend a lot of time to weight every item.

Rucksack Lowe Alpine Manaslu 65
Rucksack Osprey Ariel 65
Karrimor foldable backpack black
Doldy cargo bag 2x
Dry bag Karrimor XS 5L orange
Dry bag Karrimor XXS 2L red
Dry bag Mountain Warehouse 7L blue
Dry bag Karrimor S 10L yellow
Dry bag Mountain Warehouse 12L blue
Yosh waterproof smartphone transparent case
Doldy cargo bag packing mesh 2x
Mountain warehouse 40L (48x30x27 cm) foldable duffel bag
Transparent small and large ziploc bags

Sleeping bag Vango Venom 200
Sleeping bag Ferino Nightec 300
GSI dualist the whole set incl sack and bowls and cutlery
Wash sea to summit leaves pocket soap 50 leaves
Cutlery sea to summit polycarbonate grey with carabiner - the whole set knife spoon fork
Tent Terra Nova Laser Competition 2
Tent pegs spare - Pinguin Jehla (4x)
Cutlery GSI acetate Ring set - knife, spoon, fork - grey
Pocket trowel sea to summit
Silk ultralight liner Quechua Decathlon
Sleeping mat Sea to Summit Ultralight Insulated R
Sleeping mat Klymit Insulated Static V Lite
Liner Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Extreme
Vango gas canister holder orange foldable plastic
MSR PocketRocket 2 stove
MSR stove lighter spark igniter
Paracord pink 8.8 m string 425
Paracord yellow 8m string thin

First Aid and Hygiene:
Dry bag 2l first aid Lifesystems
Steripen Aqua
AfterBite insect bite relief pen
Pyramid repellent with 50% deet Trek 100ml spray
Towel Nabaiji Decathlon S light blue
Towel Nabaiji Decathlon M black
Towel Nabaiji Decathlon L blue
Towel mountain warehouse L dark blue
Yate alu foil silver bivak
Small pocket mirror in aluminium case
Trix Tick laso
Mosquito net Lifesystems Micronet with EX8 2x
Mosquito repellent bracelet TheBodySource 10x
Sawyer Mini water filter
Mosquito repellent wristband (pack of 4)
Small wide empty bottle 50ml with red screw cap 4x
Small tall empty bottle 50ml with red screw cap 3x
small tall travel bottle 50ml with white screw cap 3x
Lifesystems red survival bag
Antibacterial hand gel aloe vera 100ml from superdrug store
Antibacterial hand gel passion mango 50ml Cuticura
Sea to Summit Wilderness citronella wash 89ml
Lifesystems Expedition sensitive repellent spray 50ml
makeup (mascara, powder, face stuff, makeup, lipstick, eye shadow)
Contact lenses

Reflection night yellow band 2x
Small notebook A6 checked layout
Victorinox multifunction knife red
Carabiner small aluminium 6x
Spare strap
Code Padlocks 2x
Transparent small plastic clothed pin 4x
Bicycle lock 1m wire with code, KLS
Multifunction knife no name silver
Paracord reflective 2.4m string 425
Paracord whistle black
Paracord whistle brown
Paracord string break plastic black 4x
Paracord spare buckles black 4 together
duct tape
pen blue ink pilot
spanish conversation book

Food/Drink items:
Hip flask larger 8oz stainless steel 240ml
Hip flask smaller 5oz stainless steel 150ml
Water bottle Aladdin red 600 ml
Small tupperware square red
Water bottle Aladdin grey 600 ml
Nalgene Cantenes 1.5L foldable plastic bottle with wide blue screw cap


Things like jackets, trousers, shoes, t-shirts, socks, etc.


Things like used android phones, torches, chargers, camera, etc.


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