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3/1/2018 bus from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas (Chile)

As I wrote before, be got our tickets from Marga Taqsa office in Ushuaia (Juana Genoveva Fadul 126) on the day we arrived (Friday 29/12/2017). The bus company is Barria Ghisoni. It is standard long distance bus with tiny toilet and one deck. The ticket costs 1000 pesos (only cash payment) and the bus is leaving at 8am. 

We got up at 6:20am, had quick breakfast and packed our rucksacks. At 7:30am we reached the omnibus terminal and handed our rucksacks to a guy from the bus. They didn’t want to see the tickets, neither passport. And they didn’t put any label on our rucksacks either. 

Shortly after we departed on time, they gave us a Chile customs declaration form (I’ll upload later) to fill in. I was looking forward to have some amazing views from the bus, all the windows inside were steamed and wet, and it was raining outside anyway. So no views. There is no USB, neither good air con on the bus. The bus was packed. 

The first stop is Argentinian border at San Sebastián. All you need is passport to get Argentina exit stamp. And then get back to bus. We reached this place at 12 o’clock. Then we continued on dirt road to the Chilean side, it took 30 minutes slow ride and we got off the bus at 12:45. Take your hand luggage backpack with you. There was a long queue and really shitty weather outside. Wind, rain, cold. First you get to an immigration officer to get Chile entry stamp, here you don’t show your Customs form. Then you get back near the bus to a room behind where you hand over your customs form and answer questions about what you carry in the bag and put the bag on to X-Ray. And then you get back to your bus. The big rucksacks stays in the bus. 

I said I have biscuits and chocolate in my bag and it was okay. I guess the main focus is fruits and milk, salami, ham, etc maybe. 

After the bus was full again, we continued about 5 minutes to a stop for food (30 minutes break). Small building where you can drink and eat. We had two coffees and one empanada (200 pesos). Coffee they make here is Nescafé instant poured over with hot water and you can pay in dollars, Chilean pesos, Argentinian pesos, even in euros and payment card. One coffee was about 70 Argentinian pesos (2000 clp) and the empanada was 60 Argentinian pesos. 

At 14:00 we continue on the dirt road, slowly until we reach paved road at 15:00. Just before 17:00 we reached ferry and at 17:30 we were on the other side of the canal. At 19:30 we arrived to Punta Arenas and got off the bus at the corner of Av. España and Angamos (the only and terminal stop this bus does in Punta Arenas). Then we walked about 800 meters to our very nice hostel Keoken. 

Shortly after checking we did shopping in nearby Unimarc supermarket and bought some food to do cooking in the hostel (15000 pesos) (the lobby and kitchen area is excellent) and we met lovely couple Natalia and Florian from Germany. 


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